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Russian Optics

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  • PSO 3-9x24

    Original Russian Scope PSO (3-9×24)

  • 3-9x24 Scope

    Original Russian Scope PSO Picatinny (3-9×24)

  • PSO Scope Picatinny

    Original Russian Scope PSO Picatinny (6×36)

  • Sale! pso-1 scope for sale

    Original Russian Scope PSO-1 (4×24)

  • 1p29

    Original Russian Optic 1P29 (4×35)

  • 1p63

    Original Russian Optic 1P63 Obzor

  • po 104 scope

    Original Russian Scope PO 104 Picatinny (1-4×28)

  • po156

    Original Russian Scope PO 156 Picatinny (1.5-6×42)

  • PSO-1 Picatinny Rail

    Original Russian Scope PSO-1 Picatinny (4×24)

  • Airsoft AK Scope

    Airsoft Russian Optic PSO AK Scope (4×26)



  • Vector Optics SVD Scope

    Russian Scope Vector Optics PSO SVD (3-9×24)



  • Vector Optics PSO-1

    Russian Scope Vector Optics PSO-1 (4×24)



  • Sale! PSO scope

    Original Russian Scope PSO (6×36)

  • SVD Scope

    Russian Scope PSO SVD (6×36)



  • Sale! Kobra sight

    Original Russian Red Dot Kobra 1S-03 (Lateral)

  • Kobra Red Dot

    Original Russian Red Dot Kobra 8-18 (Picatinny)

  • pku 2 red dot

    Original Russian Red Dot PKU 2

  • 1P87

    Original Russian Optic 1P87 Holographic Sight



  • PK-A Red Dot

    Russian Optic Red Dot PK-A



  • PK-A Airsoft

    Airsoft Russian Red Dot PK-A



Are you a target shooting enthusiast, just like to hunt with a Dragunov or are you simply looking for a Russian optics for airsoft?
Thanks to our collection of Russian military optics, you’re bound to find a model that suits you !



If you were looking for a reliable Russian tactical scope provider you are at the right place. Welcome to Kula Tactical, the Russian military surplus that sees you well! Thanks to our privileged relationships with the best Russian scope brands at motherland we can offer you a wide range of all types of Russian army scope. You will find for example a large part of the NPZ catalog or Axion, long-time Russian optic scope manufacturers approved by the Spetsnaz themselves.


Whether you are a target shooting enthusiast, a hunter in love with the great outing in the forest or an airsoft player very close to his hobby, you are at home here. Airsoft players, we have selected for you the best replicas of Russian scope airsoft, these will suit your budget despite the fact that they do not hold the recoil of a real gun. For target shooting in static or moving, prefer our Russian red dot scope which will facilitate the speed of decision making and accuracy at short/medium range. As for the amateurs of hunting parties, you are free to choose any Russian hunting scope with minimum x4 magnification to hunt game!